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Gifts The Wedding Party Will Cherish
After The "I Do's"

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More couples getting married today are covering most of all of their wedding costs. One integral cost is gifts for the wedding party. This tradition dates from ancient times when Egyptian noble women presented precious metals and gems to their ladies-in-waiting. In the Victorian era, the traditional gift was remembrance rings. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert gave out six dozen rings bearing the Queen's portrait carved in gold.

Today's couples need not spend a King's (or Queen's) ransom on their wedding party; even gifts of fine jewelry are available in a range of prices. The Jewelry Information Center, a nonprofit trade association in New York, suggests the following gift ideas for the wedding party:

For her attendants, the bride might choose a sterling silver heart-shaped perfume flask pendant; a crystal ring holder; or an antique-style sterling silver make-up brush.

Gifts for ushers include: a sterling silver business card holder; a sports watch with a lighted dial; a sterling silver letter opener; or a monogrammed silver flask.

The maid of honor and the best man should receive a gift that's a little "extra" for their hard work. For her, classic cultured pearl stud earrings; a karat gold charm; or 14k gold & silver heart-shaped earrings. For the best man, a 1940's style classic analog dress watch or sports-themed 14k gold or sterling cufflinks.

"Fine jewelry is the perfect gift for the bride and groom to show their appreciation," says Lynn Ramsey, President of the Jewelry Information Center. "Unlike any other gift, fine jewelry will last for years to come, long after the bride and groom have said 'I Do.'"


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