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Why Buy From a Polygon Jeweler?


How do you feel about buying jewelry on the Internet?



What Is Polygon?




Why should you buy your jewelry from a Polygon Jeweler?



What is a Polygon Jeweler?

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Many consumers these days are facing a dilemma--do they try to save money by buying jewelry on the Internet, or do they find a local retail jeweler whom they trust and who can help them find the jewelry they really are looking for and will be happy with for years afterwards?

Fortunately, you can now have the best of both worlds. The solution is to buy your jewelry from a Polygon Jeweler.

Polygon is the on-line trading network for the jewelry industry. In operation since 1983, Polygon connects thousands of independent retail jewelers, wholesalers, and manufacturers around the world. Over a hundred million dollars in loose diamonds alone are listed for sale every day on Polygon. Also listed are: colored stones, watches, custom jewelry, finished jewelry, estate jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, flatware patterns, and virtually everything else that jewelers trade.

Bottom line: Polygon is the most active, competitive, and exciting jewelry marketplace anywhere on earth. However, Polygon is only accessible to retail and wholesale jewelry-industry firms. It is 100% closed to the public.

Because only a jeweler who is on the Polygon Network can pass on to you the savings that come from purchasing merchandise in cyberspace. And only a Polygon Jeweler has the resources to find whatever you need. It doesn't matter whether or not he has it in his store. By connecting to Polygon and sending out his request on-line, he can find any type or brand of merchandise for sale. And he can usually have it on his desk the next day by overnight mail. Because Polygon is such an efficient market, he can often find the goods at the best possible price.

Polygon is not a national chain of stores. It is merely a trading system that any jeweler can belong to. Polygon has been in operation over 13 years. We know of no larger marketplace available anywhere in the world. Polygon Jewelers were buying and selling their merchandise on-line many years before the Web even was created.

Now, of course, jewelers can access the Polygon Network via the Web, but it is still tightly restricted to the trade. And it is more active and exciting than ever!


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Copyright 2001 HLAS, Inc.  All prices subject to change due to fluctuating price on supply.
Our stones are hand-picked and may be substituted on any merchandise..
All our jewelry creations include the hallmark of  the artist.
Last modified: July 09, 2001

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