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What Are Slide Bracelets???

In the Victorian Age, especially in England, ladies wore hunting case watches around their necks on long chains. The watch slide, as a decorative ornament, enabled the wearer to slide the watch to any specific length.

Several decades ago, antique enthusiasts, from around Europe and other parts of the world, began collecting these watch slides and making them into bracelets. As they have become - and still remain - very difficult to obtain, Hans has created a complete collection of antique reproduction and contemporary slides for you to enjoy.

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Bracelets can be made complete, or created by you in your choice of stones and slides, adding slides at the rate you desire.  Your personalized gold bracelet with our hallmark on the clasp will hold 7-10 slides when complete, depending on your selections.

Together we will create a cherished treasure for the centuries to come, an antique to be passed down to generations.




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Each slide created by Hans bears his hallmark "Hans L," and is available for purchase at various jewelry and antique expositions throughout the United States, inlcuding the "Original" Classic International Gem & Jewelry Show.


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Copyright 2001 HLAS, Inc.  All prices subject to change due to fluctuating price on supply.
Our stones are hand-picked and may be substituted on any merchandise..
All our jewelry creations include the hallmark of  the artist.
Last modified: July 09, 2001

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